Questions and Answers 
You can use the trial period of 7 days to get acquainted with the services. When you first install and run the application, to access the service, you will only need to get "Access Passwords". At the end of the test period, you will start receiving relevant messages on your TV screen.
To become an Olimp.TV client, all you need is a stable internet connection with unlimited traffic and connection speed to servers from 5mbps! You can check your internet speed to Olimp.TV servers on the page "Broadcast servers".
There is an official "Operator Application" for viewing on smartphones and tablets. Installation instructions are available under "Connecting".
To view on the 2nd, 3rd TV within 1 Internet connection, you do not need to buy a second or third subscription → service "Multiroom"will give the ability to connect an additional device.
Viewing Olimp.TV is available through official operator applications on almost all popular devices! For a complete list of devices, see "How to watch". If you're using a device that doesn't have the official app, we recommend that you contact "Tech Support".
One ​​subscription can be used within one external IP address simultaneously on 3 devices → "Multiroom". Multiroom only works if all 3 devices have one common Internet connection. This means that all devices using the same subscription number must be connected to the Internet through the same modem or router. If you enter the same code on the 4th device while browsing, then browsing will stop on the first device and access to the service will be blocked.
Olimp.TV does not install and configure equipment at home. You can contact our service "Tech Support" in any way you like. The support service will explain the setup steps to you in detail and help you set up and connect.
Yes, you can rewatch TV programs, movies, etc. " Archive"
You can send us a channel request by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We reserve the right to change the list of TV channels included in the broadcast package without abuse. Also, we can add TV channels to the package of services provided. The added channels will appear in the list automatically.
Subscriptions are activated automatically from the moment of purchase.
Subscription is automatically renewed, provided that you have enough funds on your "Personal Account" balance. You can check the balance in the application itself in the section "My Profile" > Account balance. You can replenish the balance on the page "Payment". If you have any problems, please contact our department "Finance". An employee will help you complete the necessary actions.
All subscriptions are automatically renewed, provided that you have enough funds on your "Personal Account" balance. If you have planned to suspend renewals, then you can simply not replenish your balance, the "Personal Account" will be deactivated and will wait for the next payment. If you have funds on your balance and want to temporarily suspend the use of the service, please contact the department "Finance". An employee will help you pause your subscription and all your funds will be kept on your "Personal Account" balance until you decide to use the service again.
Password "Pin-code" from private channels corresponds to the password from your Subscription/Personal account. It can be changed to any other using the code change function for private channels in the application, "Settings" > Access Restriction. Any number can be assigned as a new code.
You have the opportunity to request/change a new password for your Subscription/Personal account at any time. To do this, just on the page "Entrance", fill out the form em>"Recover/Change Password". Or contact "Access and Subscribers".
Access code: Subscription number/Personal account and password You will receive within a few minutes, within a 5 to 10 minute wait, the same contact messenger or Email through which you applied.
First of all, check the connection speed with Olimp.TV servers on the page "Broadcast server" and in the application, section "Settings "> Broadcast server select the server offered from the Test. If none of the servers have a normal speed, then the problem may be in your Internet line. If the connection speed is sufficient, please contact "Tech Support".
This problem could occur for the following reasons:

1. An incorrect Operator was selected in the list of operators when starting the application "Connection"

2.Incorrectly entered Subscription/Personal account or password — please try again.

3.Access has been suspended due to the fact that you have exceeded the number of devices allowed to connect at the same time by one Subscription/Personal Account "Multiroom".

If you have any questions about this, please contact " Access and Subscribers"

Reboot all hardware in the following order:

1.Power off Smart TV/Set-Top Box

2.Power off your router/modem

3.Turn on all appliances in reverse order with an interval of 2-3 minutes.

If that doesn't help, see "Tech Support"

Technical support