Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the processing and use of the User's personal data. By transferring personal and other data to the Operator through the Site, the User confirms his consent to the use of the specified data on the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy.

1. Terms and definitions

Site - a site located on the Internet at Olimp.TV User - a person using the Site.

Operator - a legal entity that provides the ability to view Video content.

Personal data - personal data of the User, which the User provides about himself independently during Registration or in the process of using the functionality of the Site.

Data - other data about the User (not included in the concept of Personal data).

Registration - filling in by the User of the Registration form located on the Site, by specifying the necessary information.

Service(s) — services provided by the Operator.

All exclusive rights to the Site and its individual elements (including software, design) belong to the Operator in full. The transfer of exclusive rights to the User is not the subject of this Privacy Policy.

2. Collection and processing of personal data

2.1. The Operator collects and stores only those Personal Data that are necessary for the provision of Services by the Operator and interaction with the User.

2.2. Personal data may be used for the following purposes:

2.2.1 provision of Services to the User;

2.2.2 identification of the User;

2.2.3 interaction with the User;

2.2.4 sending advertising materials, information and requests to the User;

2.2.5 carrying out statistical and other studies;

2.2.6 processing User payments;

2.3. The operator, among other things, processes the following data:

2.3.1 last name, first name;

2.3.2 telephone number;

2.3.3 email address;

2.3.4 postal address.

2.4. The User is prohibited from indicating personal data of third parties on the Site.

3. Procedure for processing personal and other data

3.1. With regard to Personal Data and other User Data, their confidentiality is maintained, except when the specified data is publicly available.

3.2. The Operator has the right to keep an archival copy of Personal Data and Data, including after the expiration of the contract for the provision of Services concluded between the Operator and the User.

3.3. The Operator has the right to transfer Personal Data and User Data without the consent of the User to the following persons:

3.3.1 to state bodies, including bodies of inquiry and investigation, and local governments upon their reasoned request;

3.3.2 partners of the Operator;

3.4. The Operator has the right to transfer Personal Data and Data to third parties not specified in clause 3.3. of this Privacy Policy, in the following cases:

3.4.1 the user has expressed his consent to such actions;

3.4.2 the transfer is necessary as part of the User's use of the Site or the provision of the Services to the User;

3.5. The Operator carries out automated processing of Personal Data.

4. Cookies

4.1. The operator uses cookies to track the preferences of visitors to the site and optimize it accordingly. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer's hard drive. They facilitate navigation, make visiting the site more convenient. Cookies also help us identify the most popular topics on our site. This allows us to tailor the contents of the pages of the site more specifically to your needs, and therefore improve our content in your interests. Cookies can be used to determine whether your computer has previously accessed our site. Only the identification of the cookie takes place on your computer.

4.2 Browsing our website is of course also possible without cookies. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. You can prevent the storage of cookies on your hard drive by blocking the "accept cookies" option in your browser settings. You can also delete cookies stored on your computer's hard drive at any time. Blocking the acceptance of cookies, however, may lead to restriction of access to the services provided on our site.

5. Terms of return and cancellation of the order

5.1. The User may at any time change (update, supplement) Personal Data by sending a written application to the Operator.

5.2. The User guarantees that all Personal Data is up-to-date and does not relate to third parties.

6. Protection of personal data

6.1. The Operator carries out appropriate protection of Personal and other data in accordance with the Legislation in force at the place of registration of the Operator and takes the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect Personal data.

6.2. The applied protection measures, among other things, allow protecting Personal Data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties with them.

6.3 Regardless of the payment method, all payment pages of the Olimp.TV website are protected by an SSL certificate. All confidential information is transmitted to our website in encrypted form. When paying on the site, the data is encrypted and transmitted through the payment gateway to the banking processing center.

7. Other provisions

7.1. All possible disputes arising from this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the current legislation at the place of registration of the Operator. Before applying to the court, the User must comply with the mandatory pre-trial procedure and send the relevant claim to the Operator in writing. The term for responding to a claim is 30 (thirty) business days.

7.2. If, for one reason or another, one or more provisions of the Privacy Policy are found to be invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining provisions of the Privacy Policy.

7.4. The Operator has the right at any time to change the Privacy Policy (in whole or in part) unilaterally without prior agreement with the User. All changes come into force the next day after posting on the Site.

7.5. The User undertakes to independently monitor changes to the Privacy Policy by reviewing the current version.